Fall is practically here. The weather is cooling off and what that signifies for most party rental companies is the end of outdoor birthday parties and company picnics, and the beginning of the slow season. Holiday parties are the one last push before the end of the year and then everything starts all over again.

We have a few tips to help you book your holiday parties this winter and get a head start on the competition.

1. Make a good impression.

It’s important to establish a good relationship with a new client right from the beginning. Your proposals should be straight forward and understandable. Make sure they include your logo, name, and address. Nobody likes hidden fees so your proposal should detail the pricing, delivery/travel fees, damage waivers/insurance, inspection fees, and any applicable taxes.

2. Followup after sending the proposal

More than likely planning a holiday party isn’t the only thing your client is doing. They are maintaining their normal duties within their company or organization with planning the holiday party stacked on top. Follow up with them regularly. Send a followup e-mail a few days after sending the proposal to make sure they got it. Be sure to followup with them when any deadlines or due dates are approaching. This also helps build that relationship I mentioned in point 1.

3. Schedule Employees Early and Often

It’s never too early to start scheduling employees for your holiday parties. With many of your employees having holidays of their own to celebrate you will want to check your schedule early and often to make sure you have the man power to make all of your bookings a success. Make sure you have frequent reminders sent to your employees when scheduling more than a couple of weeks ahead of time.

4. Have Your Own Holiday Party

Why not throw a holiday party of your own? You already have all of the equipment which puts you in position to throw a great party at minimum expense. Your employees work hard throughout the year throwing great parties for companies large and small, they will appreciate being able to use the equipment they spend so much time watching other people enjoy.

There are many different party rental software suites that can help you stay organized and put the above tips to good use. The Event Wizard Pro is your all in one party rental software solution. We can help you stay organized and streamlined which will save you time, and in a small business time is money.

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