We wanted to put together some tips for planning a company picnic that you can pass onto your customers. These tips will help your potential clients to be a little more prepared when they call you to book their picnic. These tips may not apply to all events but these tips can give your customers an idea of what they need to be thinking about when they are planning their event.

Estimate Your Group Size

This is one of the most important metrics you need to gather when planning a company picnic. This estimate will be your starting point. Everything hinges on the size of your group from what venue you choose to how many activities you need to how much food needs to be prepared.

For a rough estimate you can take your number of employees and multiply it by 2.56 if you are going to include kids or multiple it by 1.52 if your event will only have employee + spouses. Those numbers are roughly based off of a 52% marriage rate in the US and an average of 2 kids per family. So if you have 200 employees, estimate roughly 104 spouses, and 208 kids. Remember this is just an estimate to get you started.

Figure Out Who Will Be There

After estimating the group size you will need to do some research to find out what kinds of activities your employees and their families are interested in. You will need to make sure each age group has activities that will keep them entertained. You can find out about your group by sending a survey to your employees using a service like Survey Monkey. You’ll want to ask questions about their interest in potential activities as well as how many kids they have in certain age groups. This survey can also help you get a more accurate count on how many people will be attending.

Pick a Date

You would think this would need to be the first thing you do when planning an event but it doesn’t have to be first. When you start planning you should have a general idea of what season you want to have your event in (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) but an exact date really can’t be set until you know an appropriate venue is available and those killer show stopping attractions are available from your favorite entertainment company. In general a 3-4 hour event is plenty of time to eat a meal, mix and mingle, and take part in the activities of the day.

Choose your Location

If you have a lot of space at your business’ location having a large company event on site is not out of the ordinary. Having an event on site has a lot of benefits. You already know what the facilities have to offer, you know about parking and bathrooms, and you’ll have extra time on site to decide where everything should go.

If you go off site for your company event there are a few things you’ll need to be thinking about. Will there be enough parking? How soon can we start setting up? Are there enough bathrooms? Do we need a way to keep the general public from crashing our event? Does the location already have activities in place?

Plan the Food

Once your guests arrive the first thing they will probably want to do is eat. Depending on the time your event is taking place some people will be counting on the food at the event for their lunch or dinner. Have a several options available. It’s a good idea to ask about food preferences in the survey mentioned above. Ask about food allergies and ask if there needs to be a vegetarian or vegan option.

Plan the Activities

The food is important, the location is important but your company picnic will live or die by the activities you choose. Start by setting the mood of the event with good music. Hire a professional DJ that is going to play all of the greatest hits and be energetic and interact with your guests. Make sure you have activities for all of your age groups covered. Inflatables are great for a variety of ages from toddlers to adults. Add some family activities like a photobooth. Have some low key activities for those that just want to hang out, like bingo or a few casino tables.

Pass these tips onto your event clients to help them in planning their events.

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