Automatic offsite backups are now available for the Event Wizard Pro.

Party Rental Software Backups

You schedule the time you want to automatically backup your party rental software and the Event wizard Pro will take care of the rest. Your data and templates are all compressed into a zip file and uploaded to our backup server. We will store 3 backups at one time and when a new backup is uploaded the oldest backup is automatically deleted. You can download any of your cloud backups by clicking any of the download links in the backups table.

You also have a couple of manual backup options. You can download a local backup of your data using the Download link at the top of the page. After you click that link you will be prompted to download a backup file of your current database.

You can also click the Backup Now button to force your Event Wizard to run a backup before the appointed time.

On the right of the screen is the Backup Status. This section of the screens show the status of any running backups whether the backup was triggered using the Backup Now button or if it’s the daily scheduled backup. If a backup isn’t currently running it shows the status of the last backup, whether it was successful or if there was an error during the backup.

If you are on our Event Wizard Hosting your data is already automatically backed up, but you can still use this service to make extra backups to download for your own safe keeping.

If you have any questions or any problems getting Automatic Backups working contact us.