Custom Fields – Event Wizard Pro

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In this training video we covered the custom fields. You can add information fields to your Events, Customers, and Rental items. These custom fields can be used in the forms and e-mails you send out to your customer. https://www.eventwizardpro.com/

Notifications – Event Wizard Pro

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This video training covers the notification system. The notification system allows you to receive notifications by e-mail or SMS on certain events within the system (e.g. crew requesting work, new events, new payments, low supplies, etc...) https://www.eventwizardpro.com/

Event Portal – Event Wizard Training

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In this Event Wizard Pro Video Training we went over the Event Portal. The Event Portal is a small portal into your Event Wizard for your customers. It’s a place where your customers can review their event, communicate with you and a place for them to make payments online.

Crew Portal – Live Training

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This is a live training we did on Facebook Live explaining the Crew Portal. The crew portal allows gives your crew a place they can can view their schedule, apply to work events, read company news, and update their contact information.

Online Booking

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We have been working on our online booking. We have a demo setup for testing that we would like you all to take a look at. The functionality is there, it’s got a few bugs but we want you to try it out and tell us what we’ve missed....

2015 IAAPA Attractions Expo Promo

It’s been several years since I’ve been to IAAPA Attractions Expo. My first time flying in an airplane was on the way to IAAPA. It was always a wonderful experience seeing¬†the latest innovations in the industry, meeting with customers, and hearing about how everybody’s business is doing. I hope...