Event Wizard Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Event Wizard hosted on your server?
Q: Do you have access to my data?
A: With the Event Wizard there are two options. 1) It can be hosted on your computer and all of the data contained in the Event Wizard is stored on whatever computer you install it on. We have no way to access your data unless you grant us that access. 2) We can host it on our server, your data will be stored on our server. The only time we would access your data is with your permission, or when we apply updates.

Q: How many users can I have?
Q: How many rental items can I put in my inventory?
A: Unlimited

Q: Can I access the Event Wizard over a network?
Q: Can I network Event Wizard?
A: Yes, since the Event Wizard is web-based it is very simple to network. You install the software on your main computer and all other computers on the network access it through their web browser. We can even help you set it up so you can access it across the Internet.

Q: Does the Event Wizard work on Mac?
A: The Event Wizard must be installed on a Windows PC, but you can access it across the network from a Mac using Safari of Firefox.

Q: I know PHP can I change things in the Event Wizard?
Q: Do I have access to the Event Wizard source code?
A: No, the source code is encrypted and if you were to alter the source code you would lose all support and upgrade eligibility.

Q: Does the Event Wizard work with Windows Vista?
A: Yes, for the most part EW runs on Windows Vista. There have been a few specific Windows Vista issues reported. These are mainly issues with automatic backups.

Q: Does the Event Wizard run my website?
Q: Can Event Wizard do online booking?
A: Not at this time. We are working hard on an online booking module.