Social media is a great tool for marketing your business. Never has your business had the potential to reach thousands or even millions of people on such a small budget or even for free!

I’ll admit, I am not a social media marketing expert. I have been reading a lot about marketing from marketing experts and I wanted to pass on some of the things I have learned. I haven’t built a viral marketing platform, but in the short time I have been using these tips I have significantly increased my Facebook reach and number of Twitter followers.

Post Everyday

This has been one of the major keys in increasing my social media reach. It’s not that hard to figure out when you think about it. If you post more your reach will increase, that’s pretty logical. The biggest benefit of posting daily is keeping your business name in front of your followers.

You don’t always have to directly promote your business. Post things that will be of value to your customers. In the party rental and event planning industry that can be anything from how to make your own open air photo booth (if you don’t rent photo booths) to tips they can use to avoid common pitfalls when planning big events.

You should try to post multiple times a day. Typically it’s acceptable to post 2 times a day to Facebook and 5 times a day to Twitter. Do some experimenting with posting times to see when you get the most reach and interaction.

Use Automation Tools

Trying to post in multiple social media accounts everyday can be a lot of work. This is where some automation tools can come in handy. The tool I mostly use is called Buffer. It allows you to schedule when you want things posted to your social media accounts and queue things to post at those times. For instance I have a schedule setup to post at 6:45am and 1:30pm to Facebook. In Buffer I currently have 31 items in my queue. At 6:45am tomorrow the next item in line will be posted, then at 1:30pm the one after that. It keeps posting and you keep filling it up.

I also use a tool called Zapier. Zapier is an amazing general purpose automation tool and it has several actions for social media. I use it to send automatic messages to new followers on Twitter. If you don’t want to buffer your new blog posts you can automate posting your new blogs to social media using Zapier’s WordPress or RSS features.

Vary the Types of Things You Post

A plain text post is fine if you have a quick message to get across, maybe letting your followers know your phones are down or you’re having a nice office lunch at Qdoba. But those plain text posts just don’t stand out in a News Feed or your Twitter stream. Posting pictures, videos, and links to websites will make your social media activity stand out. It will also give your users something to interact with. On your Facebook page insights you can see how many users clicked on your picture, video, and link posts which can help you understand what methods work best to reach your audience.

Link to Your Website

I think one of my pet peeves when browsing through social media is seeing a nicely crafted post with an image or a video promoting a business and then not finding a link to their website. Sure, it’s not always appropriate to link to your website. If you are posting an inspiration quote from Ghandi maybe you don’t link to your website. If you are posting to promote your business specifically you should ALWAYS link to your website, unless your social media account is where the majority of your business takes place. Like the previous tip this link to your website gives the user something to interact with which gives you another point of data to use to see if your marketing is working.

Hopefully you can use some of these tips to better promote your business on social media. As I learn more I will continue to pass on what I learn. Use some social media automation to save yourself some time during the day. With that extra time I just helped you save you should look at a free trial of our party rental software, the Event Wizard Pro. Give it a try and see if we can help you save some time running your party rental business.

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