Event Wizard Pro Features

You know all of the standard features that come with rental software; double booking prevention, manage customers, events, and rentals, send proposals and contracts, and keeping track of who owes you money. The Event Wizard Pro does all of that and here are a few other features we thought were worth noting.

Event Portal

Event PortalThe Event Portal allows you to have once place to communicate with your client. The client can see all of the event information in one place, check out the rentals (with pictures), and even make a payment. You can send messages back and forth from the portal and any emails you send from the Event Wizard Pro will show up in the Event Portal.


Crew Portal

Crew PortalThe crew portal gives your crew a place where they can update their contact information, and apply for work. Once a crew member applies for work you will have the ability to approve or reject the application. You can also post news and important information to the crew portal.


Online Booking

Rental Software Online BookingOur online booking system lets your clients create their own events. They can select the rental items, determine the location, and make their payments. You can choose what items you will allow to be booked online and how the online booking should be saved; as an event or a proposal.

Scheduled Emails

With our e-mail system you can schedule e-mails to be sent after key dates in the event planning and booking process. For example you can have a e-mails setup to remind your clients when payments are due by sending them an e-mail a couple of days before the due date. We also provide conditions so e-mails will only be sent when the conditions are met. That way you can setup an e-mail about a late deposit by setting it to send after the due date with the condition of ‘balance not paid’. The tool is simple but provides a wide range of possibilities.