Event Wizard Features

The innovative web based design of the Event Wizard is a big selling point to many people, but that’s not all it has to offer. Check out some of these great features:

Very Easy to use. New users can begin enter events within the first hour of starting the job.
Unlimited Users – You can setup as many people as you want/need to in the Event Wizard and we aren’t going to charge you extra licensing fees.
Customize permission for each user account.
Know your equipment and inventory availablity in real time.
Easily email contracts to customers as a PDF attachment!
Comprehensive reports with graphs!
Schedule e-mails to automatically send to your customers.
Delivery rates calculated by mileage, city & state, or by zip code.
The server components require Windows or our hosting, but after installation it is accessible from any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) that supports modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.
The Event Wizard keeps a log of all changes made to an event or proposal
Track your expenses per event so you can know your profit margin per event
Never double book again! The system protects from any time conflicts.
Detailed “Load Sheets” help you not forget the little items that go out with your equipment when loading your trucks and trailers.
Accepts multiple taxes (eg Sales Tax, Amusement Tax, Food Tax, HST, GST), and can calculate taxes based on City and State, or County and State
Store and manage an unlimited number of customers, and contact persons
Know what your Gross and Net profits are, along with the Profit % at the touch of a button.
Event calendar allows you to see at a quick glance your entire current months bookings as well as any past or future months.
Create Equipment Sets
Do all of your weekly driver and crew scheduling, as well as provide complete “equipment needed” checklists for events.
Get MapQuest directions to events in a single click
Get the 10 day weather forcast for the location of your events
Has a built in phone message taking system
Do financial projections using our Month/Year Comparision Report. This allows you to see where you are in your bookings as compared to “this time last year”.
Don’t miss repeat bookings by using the “Previously Booked” report. Give the report a date range and it will tell you who booked in that date range, if they haven’t re-booked this year call them up and add that event to the books!
Create and track vendors and vendor contracts
Create unlimited form letters to include with your contracts or use for post event follow-ups.
Create invoices for each event