Event Wizard Hosting

If you don’t want to host the Event Wizard on your local network we are offering dedicated Event Wizard Hosting. We have servers dedicated to hosting the Event Wizard for our clients. There are more benefits than just reliable hosting, check out some of these other benefits:

  • Twice a day off site backups
  • Database replication to an off site server (This is an additional backup)
  • We will manage all updates. When updates come out we will e-mail you the changes, and get your feedback if needed and install the updates for you.
  • Reliable access from anywhere you have Internet access. Some people have to fight with IP address changes for remote access into their Event Wizard at their office.
  • Secure Logins, and secure payment entry (HTTPS). This is something we can’t offer when hosting on your local network.
  • Easier support. If you are hosted on our server and there is an issue we can log in and see it first hand without struggling with a remote desktop session.
  • Reliability, our server uptime for the last 30 days is 100%

One year of hosting with all of these benefits is only $600.00 This annual hosting fee also includes your support and updates!

If you are a new Event Wizard customer you can include hosting with your purchase of the Event Wizard Pro. If you are an existing Event Wizard customer you can order hosting from the purchase page and we will contact you to setup a time to transfer your Event Wizard to our hosting.