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Online Booking

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We have been working on our online booking. We have a demo setup for testing that we would like you all to take a look at. The functionality is there, it’s got a few bugs but we want you to try it out and tell us what we’ve missed....

2015 IAAPA Attractions Expo Promo

It’s been several years since I’ve been to IAAPA Attractions Expo. My first time flying in an airplane was on the way to IAAPA. It was always a wonderful experience seeing the latest innovations in the industry, meeting with customers, and hearing about how everybody’s business is doing. I hope...

Scary Good Party Rental Software Deals

Scary Good Deals on Party Rental Software
With Halloween less than a month away we are offering a scary good deal on our party rental software (scary for us anyway).   The Event Wizard Pro is a complete party rental software solution. Using our web based software you can run your business, except for the deliveries,...

Entering & Deleting Payments

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In this video we go over entering and deleting payments. I also mention how to manually mark an event has paid in full even if all of the payments have not been received, but I failed to mention that manually marking an event as paid in full is a...

Working with Associates

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Associates are those people who you allow to log into your Event Wizard. This video gives an overview of editing associates, adding associates, and setting associate permissions.