The web-based design of the Event Wizard Pro is one of it’s greatest strengths. This allows great versatility, easy of access, and ease of management.

Just to clarify web-based means you access the Modern Web Browsers for Web Based Party Rental Softwaresoftware through your web browser, like a website. You can access the Event Wizard Pro from a computer running virtually any operating system, Windows, OS X, Linux, etc… As long as you have access to a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) you can access your Event Wizard Pro.

One BIG misconception about our rental software being web-based is people think all of their data has to be located on our servers; that is not the case. We are the only web based party rental software that allows you to host your software yourself. Hosting it yourself is not as scary as it sounds. Whenever you purchase the Event Wizard Pro you receive the software via download and CD and you can install it on your computer, in your office, on your network. This way you remain in total control of your data. Nobody has access to your information unless you give them access. You are required to install the Event Wizard server components on a Windows computer, but all of the other computers connecting to the Event Wizard can run any other operating system.

This web-based setup also means you only install the Event Wizard on one computer. Every other computer accesses it across your network or the Internet using their web browser. On other great advantage is when updates are released you only have to run the update once to update your main computer.Event Wizard Pro Web Based Rental Software Hosting

If you are not interested in this self hosting option, we do offer affordable dedicated hosting that includes your annual support and several other extra benefits.